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Vision Integrated Marketing Communications |vimc|is a strategic communications specialist and integrated branding agency which develops integrated solutions to complex challenges.  Our focus is on the increasing importance of corporate strategy, effective communication and strategic design implementation for differentiation.

|vimc| enables market success through key stakeholder engagement. We are qualified to develop, manage and integrate brand communication strategically, through all channels. Our approach encompasses the full business management process from initial business strategic intent to brand development and portfolio management, right through to the physical creation of the brand at grass roots.

Our name reflects our positioning as a forward-thinking, innovative, integrated marketing communications company determined to carve a name for ourselves in a highly over traded industry.

Vision Integrated Marketing Communications.

Our Strategic Services

Vision Integrated Marketing Communications |vimc|operates at various integrated levels and provides for services that operate throughout the full organisational lifecycle, covering marketing and brand communication solutions.

|vimc| integrates across all four brand environments (Investor, Corporate/B2B, Consumer/Retail and Employee) by looking into brand development issues such as visual identity, brand architecture, scenario planning and brand portfolio management. We also look into issues of brand synergy, leveraging, relevance and clarity.

We offer the following solutions to our clients:

Business Strategy
Facilitated workshops.  The purpose of these workshops is to develop strategic intent, mission, vision, values and organisational behaviours.

Marketing Strategy
Broad strategic development. This encompasses External and Internal Appraisals including a SWOT analysis, TOWS, Competitor Analysis, Consumer and Buyer Behaviour, PEST.

Brand Strategy
Brand strategy development.  This includes brand research, key objectives, identity, implementation, management and measurement.

Communication Strategy and Implementation Planning
Development of communication strategies that involve implementation plans and timelines.

Communication Strategy Implementation
Development and implementation of communication activities and materials, as identified and agreed upon in the communication strategy.  Communication activities may include, but are not limited to:

  • Media Liaison
  • Media Placement
  • Media Monitoring
  • Reputation Management
  • Press Releases
  • Feature Articles
  • Media Kits
  • Copy Editing
  • Website Content Management
  • The written development of the content for collateral items (see below)
  • Event Management
  • Social Media
  • Research Reports

Design Development and Communication Art
Visual brand identity implementation that leverages off new media and design. This includes key personal interviews and research to develop design briefs.

Collateral development includes, but is not limited to, brand identities and their manifestation in:

  • Print Advertising
  • Advertorials
  • Annual Reports
  • CI manuals
  • Brochures
  • Stationery
  • Newsletters
  • Livery/Vehicle Branding
  • MS Word/Powerpoint Templates
  • Packaging
  • Promotional Goods (roll ups, branded walls, shirts etc)
  • Signage
  • Websites
  • Audio-visual Presentations

Vision Integrated Marketing Communications

Case Studies


The Australian Government through its aid arm, AusAID, has been running scholarship programmes in various forms in Africa since 1960 and has supported over 5 000 students from Africa to study in Australia since that time.  The overall goals of these programs have included both development and foreign policy. 

Australia Awards for Africa (AAA) is a central part of the Australian Government's development cooperation programme in Africa.  By providing people with the knowledge and skills to promote development in their home country, AAA aims to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals in Africa.  However, scholarships not only facilitate development across Africa, but they are also a foreign policy tool that opens the way for Australia to engage with African countries.

Over a period of 18 months, |vimc|worked in close partnership with AusAID to communicate about the AAA programme to countries across Africa.  This entailed some of the following activities:

Media liaison: Communicated with media across the African continent, particularly with the aim of securing publicity and inviting them to events.
Media placement: Placed advertisements and advertorials in newspapers and on radio stations across Africa in order to encourage government employees to apply to study their masters degree in Australia.
Advertorials: Wrote and designed advertorial copy for placement in various African newspapers.
Press releases: Wrote and distributed press releases to the African media regarding the AAA programme.
Communications strategy: Developed communications strategy, outlining the communication goals and activities for the year, as well as the methods of measuring the success of the strategy.
Newsletters: Conducted research, wrote content, designed and printed quarterly newsletter.
Interactive CD: Developed content and designed interactive course selection guide for government employees selected to study their masters degree in Australia.

AusAID | Case Study


Castrol develops quality lubricants tailor-made for automotive applications.  The company has changed and grown over the years, but Castrol has continually focused on supplying the best service and products to the market. 

Since 2010, |vimc| has been working with Castrol’s business-to-business marketing department to communicate and market Castrol oils and lubricants for industrial on-road and off-road heavy duty trucks in the mining and agriculture sectors.  This has been accomplished via some of the following activities:

Product selection guide DVD: Developed content and designed interactive product selection guide DVD.
Corporate video: Wrote script and directed video footage for a launch video of OptiVal and FluidSmart.
Trade kits: Wrote content, designed and printed brochures explaining the OptiVal and FluidSmart offerings.
Brochures: Designed, developed content and printed brochures for distribution to current and potential customers.
Promotional goods: Sourced, branded and reproduced shirts, health & safety environment gear, branded lego kits, etc.
Brand development: Developed the brand names and logos for two new product and service offerings, OptiVal and FluidSmart.
Advertising: Designed, developed content and prepared marketing material for print in glossy publications.

Castrol | Case Study


The Corridor Empowerment Project (CEP) was established in 2006 in response to a need for an experienced project management organisation that could manage a programme working towards healthy drivers within the road freight industry.

The CEP manages the Trucking Wellness programme which aims to address the plight and health challenges of the people associated with the road freight and logistics industry.  It was originally launched to create HIV&AIDS and STI awareness amongst long distance truck drivers and commercial sex workers.  Over the years, their focus has expanded from the mere prevention of HIV and STIs, to an integrated sexual and reproductive health programme and primary health care, which includes general wellness and well-being. In 2012 CEP also added TB screening and diagnosing to the services offered, as well as Medical Male Circumcision (MMC).

To this end, the 22 fixed Wellness Centres and 15 Mobile Wellness Centres managed by the CEP are staffed by registered nurses and counsellors.  These Wellness centres, which are situated on all major trucking routes, are run in collaboration with industry partners, local government and relevant health departments. The CEP manages the programme, in collaboration with industry partners, local government and relevant health departments, and has experienced year-on-year success for over 10 years. It enjoys the support of the four industry unions, as well as the Road Freight Association (RFA).

Since the establishment of the CEP, |vimc|has been closely involved in communicating and promoting the programmes managed by the CEP via a number of activities, including:

Annual reports: Conducted research, wrote content, designed and printed annual reports.
Posters: Wrote content and designed posters for placement in the Trucking Wellness clinics.
Advertising: Wrote and designed advertisement copy for placement in various publications.
Vehicle wraps: Designed vehicle wrap stickers for branding of Mobile Wellness Centres.
Promotional goods: Sourced, branded and reproduced CDs, soccer balls, mugs, etc.
Corporate video: Wrote script and directed video footage of Trucking Wellness programme.
Website: Wrote content, designed and developed new website.
Music CD: Compiled, published and replicated music CD for distribution to truck drivers.

CEP | Study

Future Health

Degenerative diseases make up 90% of all diseases now treated by conventional mainstream medicine.  Future Health believes that the future of medicine depends on an integrative approach to counter degenerative diseases and promote healthy ageing.  Future Health™nutraceutical supplements are scientifically formulated to better meet the needs of a population afflicted with steadily increasing rates of degenerative disease.

In 2011, |vimc|helped to reposition Future Health as the new authority in science, healthcare and disease prevention and to revamp its branding to reflect a brand that is scientifically formulated to promote healthy ageing.  Together with the development of an innovative communication strategy, this was achieved using some of the following tools:

Sales Presenter: Designed, developed content and printed sales brochure used by sales representatives to sell Future Health products to pharmacies and health shops.
Future Health leaflet: Designed, developed content and printed leaflet which is essentially a summary of all the Future Health products and where they are available.
Probiotics leaflet: Designed, developed content and printed leaflet which was placed in-store to provide consumers with further information about Future Health’s probiotic oral spray – the first of its kind.
Note pad & post-its: Designed and organised production of branded items for distribution to doctors, pharmacists, homeopaths and other relevant medical practitioners that recommend Future Health.
Website: Designed look and feel of website, a vitally important information source used to reinforce the look of the brand and to attract customers to purchasing the Future Health range.

Future Health believes that healthy ageing should be based on individualised treatment.  Future Health’s revolutionary patented Biotransform™ range supplies the individual with a patient-specific compound based on his/her unique biological footprint that yields powerful results. In 2011,|vimc|assisted Future Health with branding and advertising this cutting-edge product.

FHealth | Case Study


The National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry (NBCRFLI) is a service-centred organisation whose basic core function is to manage conditions of employment between industry employers and employees.  This is achieved through facilitation, mediation and setting minimum standards and conditions of employment.  The Council also supports industry members through managing the industry’s annual leave, sick leave and holiday bonus funds, providing health and wellness services, as well as managing the industry employees’ provident fund.

Since 2011,|vimc|has worked side-by-side with the Council’s marketing and communications arm to create awareness of the Council.  The main goal of our communication strategy, which we developed closely with the Council, has been to drive the perception that the Council is a credible body which creates value and drives prosperity by offering stability to the road freight and logistics industry.  This has been achieved using a number of different communication tools, including:

Communications strategy: Developed communications strategy, outlining the communication goals and activities for the year, as well as the methods of measuring the success of the strategy.
Adverts& advertorials: Designed, developed content and prepared marketing material for print in glossy publications.
Emailers: Wrote copy and designed electronic alerts for distribution to industry members.
Press releases: Identified publicity opportunities, wrote content and distributed media releases to relevant media.
Media management: Media liaison regarding publicity opportunities; establishment of interview opportunities.
Brand management: CI manual development; billboard development; design and production of promotional items.
Newsletters: Developed editorial line-up, wrote content, designed and printed quarterly newsletter.
Website management: Designed look and feel of revamped website, together with new content, and continue to generate fresh information and upload it onto the website
Research: Conducted research project to analyse the communication needs of Council members using questionnaires, focus groups and interviews.
Annual report: Conducted interviews with senior managers, wrote content, designed and printed annual reports.

NNCRFLI | Case Study


OLIVE LEAF Foundation (OLF) is a South African based Sustainable Development Organisation (SDO). Its main purpose is to ‘enable sustainable community development’ across Africa. It has partnered with communities in their development since 1989. OLIVE LEAF Foundation is presently working in South Africa, Botswana, Zambia, Kenya, Nigeria and Cote d'Ivoire.

|vimc|has worked together with OLF to build and communicate their brand in a number of different ways, including through the development of:

Manuals: Designed, wrote the content and set the copy for different corporate manuals.
Internal branding programmes: Designed the logo, corporate stationary and overall corporate identity for OLF.
Certificates: Designed and printed training certificates.
Leaflets: Designed, developed content and printed leaflets for distribution to current and potential donors.
Brochures: Designed, developed content and printed brochures for distribution to current and potential donors.
Business cards: Designed and printed all OLF business cards.
Corporate videos: Wrote script, directed video footage and managed entire compilation of the OLF Kids’ Club programme.

OLF | Case Study

Puma Energy

Puma Energy is a vertically integrated midstream and downstream oil company that is active in in more than 30 countries worldwide, employing directly more than 1 300 people, with headquarters in Switzerland.  It focuses on providing affordable, high quality oil products to frontier markets.

Puma Energy distributes fuel to business and retail customers, including fuel oil, gasoline, diesel, jet, LPG, aviation fuel, bitumen and lubricants.  It also owns and operates a number of terminals and storage facilities across five continents which it supplies with a number of high quality oil products.

In collaboration with Puma Energy’s marketing team, |vimc|has created a number of marketing and communication items to raise the awareness of Puma Energy within the South African market, including:

Brochures: Designed, developed content and printed brochures for distribution to current and potential customers.
Banners: Designed, developed and printed banners for placement at events and conferences.
Advertising: Designed, developed content and prepared marketing material for print in glossy publications.
Emailers: Wrote copy and designed electronic alerts for distribution to current and potential customers.
Vehicle wrap: Designed branding of Puma Energy rally cars.

PUMA | Case Study

Vision Integrated Marketing Communications

Our Team

Our Great Team

  • Sean Kreusch

    Sean has over 16 years of experience in the communications industry during which he has worked extensively with strategic design, branding methodologies, communication strategy development and implementation. Sean provides strategic direction to brands across all platforms and consults on design as well as the implementation of integrated marketing and brand communication plans. He also lectures in Design Communication and Professional Practice at the Tshwane University of Technology, mentoring both Graphic and New Media design students.

  • Claire Barnard

    Claire has a particular eye for detail and provides support and structure to Vision IMC’s operations. With more than 12 years of experience in public relations, Claire is competent in both client and media liaison, including the development of strategic content for use in all communication platforms. She has excellent writing abilities, including editing and research, and is capable of compiling content for external and internal communications application. She currently lectures part-time at Varsity College Sandton on the public relations diploma.

  • Theben Moodley

    Theben focuses on event management communications and is the recipient of the UATP Youth Marketing Website of 2007 Award. He has a thirst for knowledge in multimedia and interactive design and enjoys the challenges associated with this. He has succeeded in running prestigious events that include the 2003 e-africa Conference hosting 3 000 international dignitaries and delegates as well as the 2005 Presidential Golf Challenge.

  • Clinton Powys

    Clinton has 17 years of design experience and is the recipient of two international Gold Quill Awards. Having worked at large communications companies, Clinton has developed successful campaigns for well-known brands such as ACSA, Arrive Alive, BRT/City of Joburg and the Gautrain.

  • Bongani Nxumalo

    Bongani brings over 9 years of experience and expertise into the web design and development space and provides innovation at all levels of digital design.

Our Social Investments

Vision IMC & Commerce Edge partner to uplift students

“Part of who we are at Vision IMC entails providing training opportunities to public relations students,” explains Sean Kreusch, Executive Director of |vimc|. “We understand that students need to acquire workplace experience in order to qualify with their diploma.  This is why we have partnered with Commerce Edge to develop an experiential training project for public relations students at Varsity College.”

As part of the experiential training project, third year public relations learners were invited to participate in the recent Smart Procurement World 2013 conference at Gallagher Estate. The students worked closely with the Commerce Edge team to ensure that all 35 exhibitors were satisfied with the overall running of the conference.

“The Smart Procurement World conference taught me about the type of preparation that goes into planning an event of this magnitude,” says Refiloe Mokoena , a Varsity College public relations student. “Effective communication with your clients is such an important aspect of planning a conference. This experience has equipped me with vital information that I can use in the workplace.”

|vimc| and VC Sandton Experiential Training Project

“One of the biggest challenges in this regard is to find positions for students to get work-place experience which, in many instances is actually compulsory in order to qualify. If we are to expand the pool of skills in our country we have to ensure that every student in a vocational programme at a college or university of technology has the opportunity for workplace training. We can expand training in our college and university system, but if students do not have the practical experience – particularly in a real workplace – they cannot be considered as qualified.

So it is essential that employers in both the public and private sectors become involved in providing training spaces to young trainees – either as apprentices, learners or interns. Workplace experience is not only important as a means of learning and honing practical skills; it is also essential in order to prepare young people for like in the workplace by teaching them other essential skills like workplace discipline, working in teams, etc. Research has shown that those with some workplace experience find it easier to find and to keep jobs.”

Minister of Higher Education and Training, Dr Blaze Nzimande

The |vimc| and Varsity College Sandton Experiential Training Project is a training initiative that is being conducted by Vision Integrated Marketing Communications |vimc|in conjunction with Varsity College Sandton.  The goal of the project is to provide willing third year students that are studying towards their diploma in public relations with the opportunity to accumulate relevant and valuable hours of experiential training that will not only enable them to qualify with their diploma, but will also equip them with experience for the workplace.  The project, which began in 2011, has already enabled 37 students from different race groups to qualify with their Public Relations Diploma.

The students are expected to submit a public relations and media strategy for a particular client, together with relevant communication material like press releases, feature articles, radio releases and a project plan.   All students then present their projects to a panel of judges, consisting of representatives from both |vimc|and participating clients, who then provide them with constructive feedback regarding their ideas.  This provides a valuable learning opportunity for the students.  The best project group is then awarded a prize.

We would like to express our thanks to the following clients who have or are participating on behalf of |vimc|in this project:  Castrol BP South Africa; Commerce Edge SA; Corridor Empowerment Project - Trucking Wellness; Future Health; National Bargaining Council for the Road Freight and Logistics Industry (NBCRFLI).


|vimc| donates Apple computers

In March 2012, |vimc|donated 20 second-hand Apple computers to HOPE worldwide, an international non-profit organisation whose vision is to bring hope and change the lives of the world’s most poor, sick and suffering.

In order to reach this vision, HOPE worldwide in South Africa facilitates the provision of comprehensive Early Child Development (ECD) services to disadvantaged preschool children and their families.  Currently in South Africa, only 21% of 5 -6 years, 15% of 3 – 5 years and 5% of 0 – 3 years attend any form of ECD service.  The number of people working in ECD sites that are qualified to teach young learners also remains VERY low.

ECD interventions are among the most cost-effective approaches for improving outcomes for vulnerable and at-risk children.  Access to early childhood development programmes has proved to help break the cycle of poverty.  Research shows that children who participated in a quality programme during their preschool years are better prepared to learn, have higher self-esteem and have more developed social skills.

The donated Apple computers were sent to the Diepsloot Kidz Club, the CAFCAR Kidz Club in Itsoseng and to IMPILO, a community-based IT project in Zandspruit.  The Kidz Clubs provide numeracy and literacy training, an opportunity to play, as well as a wholesome meal to orphaned and vulnerable children from the ages 2 to 17 on a weekly basis.  The computers are being used for administration purposes, as well as to train children in IT, at the Kidz Clubs.  The computers donated to IMPILO are also being used to provide underprivileged community members with an opportunity to train in and use technology. 

“We are grateful for the donation of the computers as we are continually looking for ways to uplift education within underprivileged communities,” says Dr Marc Aguirre, Country Director & Regional Technical Advisor for HOPE worldwide South Africa.

|vimc| gives back on Nelson Mandela Day

On 18 July 2012, |vimc|joined many others throughout South Africa in giving of their time and energy to a worthy cause.  Stephan, Sean and Claire joined employees from the Corridor Empowerment Project, Mercedes Benz and other organisations in providing a facelift to St Anthony’s Education Centre in Reiger Park.  The volunteers painted, gardened and tidied up the premises.

St.Anthony’s Education Centre accommodates more than 1 000 learners a day from all walks of life, especially the surrounding impoverished communities.  Since its inception in 1966, thousands of people have benefitted from the quality education and training programmes it offers. 

The programmes offered at the Centre include:-

  •  Skills Training Centre
  •  The Franciscan Matric Project
  •  Adult Basic Education and Training
  •  Library

The 10 trades currently on offer are:-

  •  Basic Computer Skills
  •  Bricklaying & Plastering
  •  Carpentry
  •  Computerised Bookkeeping 
  •  Dressmaking & Design
  •  Electrical Installation 380 V
  •  Motor Mechanics
  •  Plumbing
  •  Upholstery
  •  Welding

“It was a wonderfully fulfilling experience to see the old building that we painted transform into an attractive place of education”, says Sean Kreusch, |vimc’s|Director: Strategy and Design.  “It was definitely a morning well spent and we look forward to being a part of more worthy causes in the future.”


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